This Forum about Regulatory Practice serves as a clearing house for information on all the issues arising from this legal discipline called Administrative Law.

Foro de la Regulación Administrativa is a non-profit organisation, based in Spain, established in December 2012 and registered with the National Registrar of Companies (in Spanish, Registro Nacional de Asociaciones). The Association comprises licensed and high-level lawyers with proven experience and recognised knowledge of regulations of economic activities.

The purposes of the Association are:

-To encourage mediation and arbitration to settle disputes between companies and public institutions, being the Association entitled to act as an arbitration committee represented by its own organs.

-To circulate technical insight of national and international regulations of economic activities.

-To exchange experiences gleaned from the different practices existing in the markets, in an attempt to enhance regulatory policies with transparency, homogeneity, methodology and predictability.

-To give access to the best practice currently available within the framework of public regulations of economic activities.

To this end, the Association may prepare conferences, lectures, debates and congresses, along with regular publications, promoting lawyers' professional development.

In addition, Foro de la Regulación Administrativa is an assessment and consultancy body at the service of lawyers and private entities.